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Student Billing

Standard accounting systems expect a single client to be responsible for settling a bill. Student Billing, unique to insight4Education is specifically designed to recognise several sponsors for a student be they student, parents, guardians, trusts, the student loan company and so on.

Production, management, credit control and reporting is extraordinarily flexible and straightforward. Student Billing boasts a wealth of features including:

Powerful selection and grouping functions to radically simplify the production of fees and charges

Flexible billing with split bills across student and sponsors, varying terms, multiple payment dates, variable accommodation charges, deposits, catering and ad hoc charges enable you to work the way you need to.

Integrated EPOS allows Student Billing to be the focal point for all charging with online access to billing details for staff, students and parents.

Seamless integration with Financials permits flexible and comprehensive reporting

Student billing ... gives the College exactly the statements we wanted.
Everybody understands them and debt-chasing is a lot easier

Allan Taylor Bursar
St. Antony's College
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