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Education Relationship Management

Management of student information has long been the bane of most administrators.  With so many systems needing exactly the same information, job roles become centred on manually passing data between systems rather than more productive tasks.

insight4Education Relationship Management (ERM) is not only a central database but also a wealth of core functionality that makes administration simple and effective.  ERM provides a repository for all student information, academic and general staff as well as alumni, professional and commercial contacts. 

The system is fully integrated with Student Billing ensuring only one point of data entry and easy visibility of key information.  Inbuilt security ensures that sensitive information is protected. 

Similarly the system is fully integrated with Accommodation, Fund Raising and Development modules.  Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the system also integrates with third party software through a special Translation Layer making ERM the obvious cornerstone for all administrative functions.

 What we think of as the common members database provides us with a one stop shop for all our administrative systems.

Steven Waterman
Mansfield College
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